Our AQHA Mares

After bringing in Commander, our perlino quarter horse stallion, to breed to our Arabian mares we continued to add some AQHA cremello and perlino mares to our broodmare band. They have delighted us with their laid back temperaments and bright blue eyes. Our focus continues to be on performance bloodlines that can excel in reining, western pleasure and trail. Our mares have good bone, conformation, a pretty look and the traits of a good breedable horse who conceives easily, foals well and is a good nurturing mother.

Hollywood Hot Star ~ 2007

Hollywood White X Hollywood Hot Streak

Hollywood White daughter, Hollywood Hot Star

"Starrie" is a wonderful perlino mare sired by the great 3 time world champion reining horse, AQHA Hollywood White. Good bone, nice conformation and the sweetest of temperaments make Starrie one of our AQHA favorites.

Her sire, Hollywood White, was the 1997 NRHA World Open Champion Reining Horse,
1997 NRHA Limited Open World Champion Reining Horse, and 1996 NRHA Limited Non Pro Reserve World Champion Reining Horse. Many of the Hollywood White get have been exported to Australia, Europe, and Mexico where they have become champions themselves.

had over $41,000 in earnings, 345+ AQHA points and was an NRHA money earner and a AQHA Super Horse contender three times.

Starrie's dam, Hollywood Hot Streak, is a daughter of Hollywood Heat who had over $41,000 in earnings, 345+ AQHA points and was an NRHA money earner and a AQHA Super Horse contender three times. multiple ROM producer, Centurion Command and adds nice old west coast champion bloodlines from the excellent breeding program of Barb McLean to Holly's background.
Starrie, being a perlino, will produce 100% palomino and buckskin foals.


Hollywood Jac 86


Easter King


Miss Hollywood


Lucky Destiny Okie Leo Tag

Miss Jessie Poco


Hot Streak
Hollywood Heat Hollywood Dun It

Riv O Lena


Barbara Command Centurion Command

Barbara Page


Blondies Cat ~ 2001

Big mac Tivio X Double Cross Word

Blondies Cat, cremello quarter horse mare

"Blondie" is a cremello mare with great balanced conformation, good bone and a pretty look. Her sire BigMacTivio, came from old working range stock bloodlines in CO. Her dam, Double Cross Word, brings in some of the best old racing lines of Three Bars, Jackstraw and Double L Straw along with Blondy's Dude.


Shown with her 2007 colt, Hollywood Color by Hollywood White.

Big Mac Tivio Tivio Bar Sizzler Golo Tivio (PocoTivio)
Lady Bar Sizzler
Mc's Bold Lady Bold Jr
LA Plata Misty
Double Cross Word My Pass Word Whammy Cat
Fly By Night (BlondysDude)
Bare's Lucy Locket Double L Straw (Jackstraw Jr)
Bob's Honey Bare (SugarBars)

Tuffy's Mistake ~ 2001

Nut N Honey Chick X Discos Litle Beauty

AQHA cremello mare with half Arab palomino filly

"Missy" is our tallest cremello mare at 15.2 hands. Tall, elegant and with a long shapely neck and pretty head, Missy has nice movement and a very sweet temperament. Bred from a long line of quarter horses she has many crosses to Three Bars and produces long legged elegant foals.


Shown with her 2007 half Arabian palomino filly by well known Arabian stallion, Bachelor Bey.

Nut N Honey Chick Chicikalejos Do Do Chick
Miss Alejos (Harlan)
Docs Kookie Kutter Doc's Remedy
Rio Kookie Duster
Discos Litle Beauty Disco Dandy Kidd Disco Dandy Minx
Coment's Apollo
Miss Jag Poco Bar Mr Jaguar
Condon's Willie

Spanish High Command ~ 1989

Centurion Command X Spanish Monita

Smokey black quarter horse mare with cremello filly by Vanilla Zip

"Jazzy" is the dam of our perlino stallion, Commander. A very nice smokey black mare, she is the first mare in the pasture that catches quarter horse breeders eyes. Bred by the late Barb McLean, she comes from a very well known west coast breeding program known for excellent performance horses.

Jazzy gave us a superior cremello filly in 2008 by Vanilla Zip. Pretty, long legged and extremely sweet, Zippin Creme will enter our breeding program to cross on Arabian stallions for dynamite palomino half Arab foals.

Centurion Command Fritz Command King Fritz
Sutherlands Miss
Smoochey Too Master Hand (TB)
Spanish Monita Spanish Robin Skipador (SkipperW)
Spanish Bird
Monita Sunglow Bart's Sunglow
Monita Five

Vanilla Skye Blue ~ 1999

Skips Beau Dusty X Tracy Buck McCue

Cremello quarter horse mare with her palomino half Arab filly

"Vanilla" is a nice cremello mare with many crosses to Skipper W. Nicely balanced, good bone and a willing disposition she crosses extremely well with Arab stallions.


Pictured with her 2007 filly by a Bey Shah bred Arab stallion. Vanilla is unregistered and avaiable for sale. Breed her to a chestnut Arab stallion and get your own gorgeous palomino foal!

Skips Beau Dusty Skip's Dundee Silver Skip (SkipperW)
Gibbons Miss Chippy
Skipster's Reed Skipster (SkipperJr)
Goldetta Reed
Tracy Buck McCue Sir Micky McCue Buck McCue Jr
Blue Fisher
Monita Sunglow Go Run Some (LadyBugsMoon)
Sun Raiser