Krisean Performance Horses

Blessed are our Broodmares

At Krisean Performance Horses we believe that our mares are the foundation to the beautiful athletes we strive to breed. Equally, if not more important, than the stallion, they are the ones that carry, nurture and grow the foals until they are weaned. We have chosen and bred our mares to have athletic abilities, excellent dispositions and a pretty look. 

Arabian Mares

AQHA Mares

Half Arabian Mares

Arabian mares

Cremello mares, perlino mares

Arabian race mare,

Last two photographs are by Rod Giffels and prints are available at

Arab mare

Cremello mare and colt

Arab palomino mare

Cremello quarter horse filly by Vanilla Zip

Arabian cremello mare,  Afire Bey V palomino grand daughter