Horses For Lease

We have several horses available on lease programs to approved breeders. Since our horse herd is quite large we just don't breed all the broodmares each year. This is your chance to try breeding to a cremello or perlino without having to permanently add the horse to your herd! 

We lease horses that you can take home or under a different plan, the horses stay with us and you simply pick up your new foal when it is ready to be weaned! Several possibilities are listed below for the 2010 breeding season. If there is another mare that you might be interested in just let us know. Please inquire for details under "Contact" at the top of this page. Thank you for your interest. ~ Jill Smith


Vanilla Skye Blue ~ 2000 ~ Cremello paint mare ~Unregistered

Skip's Beau Dusty X Tracy Buck McCue ~ Pedigree (click)

Vanilla is a smoothly coupled, nice bodied mare who is an excellent proven cross on Arabian stallions. Being a double dilute cremello mare, she is guarenteed to produce buckskin and palomino foals when bred to a bay or chestnut stallion. Vanilla is available for lease or for sale. She had an extremely nice half Arabian foal by an Arabian Bey Shah bred stallion. Pictured below This is your own "colored Arabian" breeding opportunity. Available for lease unless sold.

Palomino Arabian filly, Cremello mare

Palomino Arabian filly, cremello paint mare






Creamy Mocha ~ 2002 ~ AQHA registered Perlino Stallion

Bardon Docs Mocha X Holey Sensation ~ Pedigree (click)

Mocha is an extremely nice but small AQHA perlino stallion. Good conformation, nice temperament and very pretty movement. His bloodlines are full of champions, well known both nationally and regionally. He has all the baest of the Doc Bar bloodlines crossed on the champion Leo performer, Holey Sox. There are 4 national champion Hall of Fame Quarter Horses in Mocha's pedigree. With his perlino genes he can only produce buckskins, palominos or duns out of bay and chestnut mares. Nice stallion to be around. Under saddle and ridden on the trails, Mocha with his playful intelligent nature is a great candidate for Extreme Horse Events. His first foal crop in 2008 of AQHA foals produced some very nice babies with good conformation and looks.We like his bloodlines to much to sell him but he is available for lease to the right person.

 Perlino quarter horse stallion available for lease






Pictures N' Info:

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Palomino Arabian filly, cemello paint mare

Palomino Arabian filly, Cremello mare

Palomino Arabian filly

Palomino Arabian filly










 perlino quarter horse stallion

Perlino quarter horse stallion

Creamy Mocha excellent perlino quarter horse stallion available for lease

2008 Mocha AQHA buckskin colt