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Arabian and AQHA Cremellos, Perlinos, Palominos

Krisean Performance Horses is a small breeding farm in Spokane, Washington. Breeding, raising and racing Arabian racehorses has been our passion for many years and as a small farm we have raced well.  We breed for the beautiful athlete that at the end of the performance day comes home to be the family companion.

Palominos and buckskins have always had a soft spot in our hearts and there was always a palomino half Arab in the back pasture.  We believe that the Arabian Quarter Horse cross produces one of the most versatile horses around. Add color on top of that and those foals come close to equine perfection in our eyes!

So into our lives came Commander, our perlino AQHA stallion. His guaranteed color producing genes and excellent conformation combined with the athletic bloodlines of our Arab race mares have been producing the foals of our dreams. Commander’s blue eyes grew on us and several other AQHA cremello /perlino mares joined the herd.

We were quite surprised to learn that Commander talks…...well at least to me!  If you have ever wondered what a stallion thinks about, read his articles and commentary on many different subjects (it's coming!)



Would you like a beautiful, colored athletic of your own? Commander has bred Arabian mares as well as AQHA, Paint, Appaloosa, and Thoroughbred mares. The resulting foals have been excellent.

Perlino AQHA stallion, Commander

The 2 Foals in 2015 were very nice colts! Waiting now for the 2016 models!

Kiger Mustang Arabian cross, endurance horses, dun half Arab Buckskin half Arabian, Half quarter horse half Arab buckskin colt, sport horse prospect

K Kiger Kontiki - half Arab half Kiger Mustang .......... K Khemo N Command - half Arab half quarter horse

Both avaiable for purchase. See sales horses for info.

The 2014 Foals were quite a group!

Kiger mustang  Arabian cross, Arabian Kiger mustang colt Arabian palomino, palomino stallion, Arab palomino gelding

K Tiki Steen - dun colt (Available for purchase)----- K Bugatti Zip - Arab/ quarter horse palomino colt sold
Arab race stallion sire / Kiger Mustang dam

Arabian buckskin, Arabian quarter horse, SW Ferrari Arabian stallioncremello arabian filly, cremello horse, palomino Arabian stallion

K Mr Maserati - buckskin colt (available)----- K Promising Cream Brulee - cremello Arab filly sold

Cremello Arabian, Buckskin Arabian

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Krisean Horse Herd


Commander as a three year old below.

AQHA Perlino stallionAQHA perlino stallionAQHA perlino stallion